What’s Success To You?

We live in a world that’s driven by success. Whether its defined by: how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, who do you know, how many followers you have on the various social media platforms; The list goes on. But my question for my readers today is, What’s success to you?

I’m a firm believer that success is individualized. You can’t place everyone in your idea of success. An individuals view of success can be developed through situations and circumstances, built and matured throughout their seasons of life. – D. Simpson

As I do my morning devotions throughout the week, I like to sit back and envision the things that are ahead for me. As I begin to plan and realign the steps I need to take to succeed, I also reflect on if my visions are in line with my definition of success. I know that may sound crazy but I’ve learned throughout life that if we only look at other peoples lives and wish we were here, and wish we were there, we lose sight of our individualized view of success and at times we may under succeed.

So, I ask the question again; What’s success to you? The reason why I continue to ask this question is because I’ve been there time and time again in my own life. Have you ever felt like you’ve just been stuck? Have you ever gotten an idea and don’t even know to begin? Have you noticed that you may be the hardest worker in the room but everyone to your left and right seems to be progressing, and you feel stagnant?

Here’s my suggestion to you. Ignore the noise. Don’t worry about what’s going on to your left or right. It’s time to be more vision minded. Envision yourself accomplishing what ever goal you may have for yourself. Write your vision down and put it in a place where you can’t avoid seeing it day in and day out. Speak your vision into existence! There’s a level of accountability that evolves when you speak things into existence. If you have ideas to start something new, begin to network and hang out with like minded individuals. If you don’t want to be around negative people and destructive people, surround yourself around people that are assets and not liabilities to your mental well being.

My challenge to you is to begin to define success in your own life. Find someone who you can trust, not bias; Share your visions and plans with them. Allow them to hold you accountable throughout this journey. I must warm you, accountability partners will push you and you may not like it all the time but, when you reach  your level of “success” it’ll be all worth it.

To my readers and followers, please be sure to share this blogs to your peers. My goal here is Motivate, Inspire and Encourage everyone. You’re all in my prayers. Lets begin to become more vision minded and define success in our own lives!



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  1. This is so good!!! And once I started my journey the conversations with my friends make me feel heavy and annoyed, things just start to shift! Can’t wait to read more!

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