Assets vs. Liabilities

I’m excited about this. When you think about it, you can always find something that you can change or make better. The great thing about this network is, you can apply these posts to ALL aspects of your life. The Growth Network is a place for you to come to (Virtually of course) where you can find: Inspiration, Encouragement , and Motivation.

So, what are you  passionate about? Let me tell you something, I’m passionate about filling my mind with the things that are assets and not liabilities. I’ll share something with you, If you surround yourself with things or people who bring nothing but stress, misery, disappointment, discouragement, anger, or sadness; its safe to safe that may not be an asset in your life. It’s time we begin to evaluate everything we have in our lives and begin to realize the assets and liabilities in our lives. I’m becoming more and more of a visual person so I have a challenge for you in this post. Get a piece of paper, Fold it in half down the middle, at the top of the left side write “assets” and on the top of the right side write “Liabilities”. Begin to list those things on which side it should go on respectively. Just a rule of thumb: assets are the positive things in your life that bring value to your life, and liabilities are the negative things in your life that take away something from you.

Once you’re finished with your list, I want you to fold the paper in half so all you can see are the assets. The liabilities will be on the back which will be a representation of your past. I believe sometimes what stunts our growth as people, owners, employees, spouses, partners, etc, we hold on to things that “take away”  from us for way too long. So yes, I’m challenging you today; begin to become more objective to your personal feelings of holding on to your past and begin to push forward with those assets. The assets that you have on your page, is a representation of the future and what could be in store for you. The amazing thing about assets is they can multiple and take you to places you’ve never been in your life.

I want to see you win, I want to see you succeed in whatever is important to you. Let’s push forward with the assets and leave the liabilities in the rear view.



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