What to do when you have doubts?

Ever felt like the closer you are to accomplishing something, the more doubt you have going forward? Yes!! I know the feeling all too well. But l’ve began to learn to be ok with the doubts. I believe the spirit (or the idea) of  doubt is a test. Here’s the thing, success isn’t as simple as it is portrayed maybe on TV, Social Media, Etc… You have to truly have a belief beyond your doubts, that whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish. I must say that doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work but, you’ll have the faith to push beyond those doubts to pursue what you’re passionate about.

So how do you overcome the doubts? For those of you who haven’t read my last post, you should check out Assets vs. Liabilities to help get started. Once you begin to determine what are your assets and liabilities, you need to begin to surround yourself with people that have the asset mentality. I think one of the biggest things that feeds or breeds doubt, are the things/ people you surround yourself with. The more and more I continue on this journey called life, I have a better understanding of surrounding yourself with the right people for the right season. The people around you shouldn’t only question your ability. Things like that creates doubt. I try to have a steady balance because it’s good to bounce ideas off people in different stages of their life.

Don’t entertain your doubts. I recommend listening to things that positively feed your mind. Lets face it, When you’re pursing something, you have to be ALL IN. That may also mean changing some old habits. To achieve something you never achieved before, you have to do some thing you never done. Your old habits may produce doubts so, change it.

Doubts are a test! How bad do you want to accomplish this? What changes are you making to decrease doubt? What action are you taking?

Lets win together. Lets succeed together. Use the doubt to fuel your passion. I believe in you.

Be great.



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