Embrace Being Unique

Ok, I’m excited to talk about this topic today. Ever felt like you just don’t fit in? Ever felt like you think differently than others? Feeling like your goals may be slightly different than others? ¬†First and foremost, if you were considering changing, DON’T! Sorry about the caps but I guess that can help paint the picture.

We live in a society, and are growing up with a generation where being different is “weird”, “not cool”, etc… and the list goes on. But, I go back to reflection question I asked a few days ago. If you were lined up next to a line of people pursuing the same dream, or goal, what would separate you from the person to the right or your left? Listen to be brutally honest, the picture is painted for everyone to be the same because it makes it easier for people to look at you like the others and consequently reject you. I’m here to tell you today that it’s completely okay to be different.

Being different is scary for some. If you’re mindful of the opinions of others, this may be a new obstacle. I’ve learned in my personal life that I spent way more time, and effort trying to fit in vs. when I became appreciative in the unique traits that I’ve discovered in myself.

Its time to take action. Whatever you do, whoever you are, don’t fit it if that’s not your hearts desire. There’s only one of YOU here on earth; Fitting in doesn’t allow you to discover all that you have to offer. Find you niche, enjoy the journey of being unique, creative. Start a new trend…..The trend of being different. Blessings


-The Growth Network (TGN).


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