Inner Circle

Question for you, what does your inner circle look like? Weird question, I know; but think about it. Usually the term “inner circle” is used around individuals of fame, maybe others who have been involved in the spotlight in the past for the wrong reasons, etc… But this evening, I want to ask whoever is reading this, what does your inner circle look like?

This weekend I’ve been thinking deeper about this topic because it has a significance to our growth, our future, and sometimes our next move. The people in our inner circles tend to be those that we confide in because they developed that trust with us. They are also those same people that we bounce ideas off of for their opinion. But what if some of the people we allow in our inner circle hinder us from moving forward? I started thinking about the inner circle more like a team. On a great team, there’s plenty of diverse characteristics. You have some teammates that you’re extremely close with, some that are very outspoken, some that are bias, some that are not bias. The list can go on. The cool thing about these great teams is, even though they are so diverse, they still succeed once they put everything together like a well oiled machine.

My challenge to you today is to create a successful team. Your team should be diverse, not all of the same characteristics. Have someone in there that challenges you. I believe you’ll thank them later. Your inner circle is the “last man standing” through all of life’s obstacles and triumphs. It’s not made for everyone so, choose wisely.

Let’s continue to grow, progress, and succeed together. Let’s make it a winning week



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