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Is your glass half empty or is your glass half full?

So I challenge you today, Don't ever put a limit on your abilities.

So for the past couple days this topic has been on my mind. I spend a couple days, getting my thoughts together and creating the content before posting it. Getting into the topic today, do you have the glass half full mentality or the glass half empty?

You see, Life is about perspective…. along with other things I’ve shared with you in the past. In my personal life it has been a testament that once I change my perspective, my obstacles changed right along with it. As you see, I didn’t say that you wouldn’t have obstacles at all; they may be a little different. 

So let’s dive in a little deeper. Maybe currently you have a glass half empty perspective on things. I’ve been there before and what I’ve noticed is that mentally, I put internal limits on myself. Think about it this way, when your glass is empty, there is nothing else to drink. It puts a mental limit on what you’re trying to do. So I challenge you today, Don’t ever put a limit on your abilities. You’re more than able, you’re more than a conqueror, live in that, stand on that word.

With that being said, let me shed some light on the glass half full mentality. Having a glass half full puts you in the place of expectancy. It allows you to envision more. For example, when you go to a dinner or any restaurant, a good waitress or waiter will continuously circle around to make sure your cup is filled. Because I’m a person that is accustomed to good service rather than bad service, I’m expecting my cup to be filled….eventually. So my challenge for that glass half full person, be expectant today, Allow your faith to breed expectancy. 

Thoughts for this week as you continue on your journey, Don’t limit yourself, and be expectant! 

My prayer and hope for you is that you’ll continue to grow and become the best version of yourself.  Lets grow together, win together, and succeed together.

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