This seems to be a popular feeling these days. Do you feel stuck, stagnant, or maybe you’re fighting contentment in this current season of your life. This post is for you!

Many people try to fight the feeling of being in the “in between” stage of their lives because you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything, you feel like you’re not progressing in your life. I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting, growing through life and I couldn’t help but be thankful for being in those “in between” stages in my own life.

You see, sometimes we forget that being “in between” 2 destinations isn’t a bad thing. The way I look at it is this: One of the destinations is your past, and if you make too haste of a decision or force the issue, it may bring you right back to your past. Some people may refer to that as a setback. So, the second destination would be whats ahead of you. But, there could be many reason why you’re not at that next destination just yet. Maybe, there’s some growing that needs to be done. Or maybe you may need a little more clarity on somethings before stepping into that next chapter of your life.

Whether we like the timing of things or not, we are placed in certain stages of our lives for a reason. Instead of always fighting it, I challenge you to begin growing in that particular stage. I can tell you in advance, you’ll be more at peace with the stages of your life once you gain clarity on it.

I like to challenge our thinking so going forward, when you feel like you’re “stuck”, I want you to begin to change your thought process and understand that you’re in transition. It’s not a bad thing. Don’t rush the process.

Be great in your transition period. Be the best version of yourself even when things aren’t exactly going your way.

I believe great things are in store for you, transitions don’t last forever, Continue to grow, evolve, and accomplish the things that’s dear to your heart.



Written by David Simpson


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