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Live with Purpose

Giving lack luster effort results in lack luster results.

This was something that was heavy on heart today and I wanted to talk about it in more detail for those that may need encouragement. We tend to “play the field” with too many things in our lives. From our relationships, careers, day to day job activities, projects, faith, etc… But we always tend to be mad at the mediocre results. So my question to you today is are you living with purpose? Are you being intentional with the people and things in your life?

Giving lack luster effort results in lack luster results. Period. You may get by for now but it’ll catch up eventually.

Begin to live life with intention; in all things. Develop an “all in” mentality. Yes, you may not be working in the field that you desire to be in, but your effort shouldn’t be given at a discount because of that. If you’re put in position to lead, give your all. Don’t gauge your effort on someone else’s approval.

Listen, I’ve learned in this current season of my life that If i live with Purpose, and intention I’ll never get caught up with the results. Yes, sometimes things don’t work in our favor but, your effort or intention shouldn’t be altered because of that.

My challenge to you going forward, Live a life with purpose, with intention. Begin embracing that “all in” mentally. You’ll notice that you will begin to stand out; and for good reason I might add. Be unique as you live with purpose.


Written by David Simpson 


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