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Think “It’s Possible”

The more you doubt things and say its impossible, the more regrets you'll have in life.

So a few days ago, I made a #ThoughtOfTheDay post on my Instagram page (@dave_tgn) that I wanted to speak a little bit further about. I’m currently working on creating my Ebook; I felt that this topic would be an important component and it needed to be included in the book.

So my question before I continue: Do you have a dream or ambition to accomplish something that you feel is quite impossible? Sounds familiar? I can’t speak for everyone but I know I can definitely relate to this question. The next question I’ll ask is why do you feel it’s impossible?

Sometimes the reason why things may seem impossible is because of our own self doubt we create in our minds. Yes, don’t get me wrong things may not be easy for us but its most certainly not impossible. Referring back to the Instagram post, The first step in making the impossible possible is to believe. Listen, if there’s anything you should take out of the text today, start believing in yourself. There’s purpose in your life, begin to live with purpose.

The more you doubt things and say its impossible, the more regrets you’ll have in life. Attempting to accomplish something and failing is ok. Everyone may not want to hear that part of the rollercoaster ride to success but, I’ve learned so many things about myself through my failures. The things I learned helped me become a better person in the process. So, begin getting comfortable with the uncomfortable…. embrace it.

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Written by David Simpson





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