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All In

Something that hinders us from going all in is doubt.

Today, this is something that we struggle with in many different areas of our lives. We expect things with little to minimal effort required of us. We’re disappointed when the results are not what we expected. Sounds Familiar? That has been something that I’ve challenged myself with in this season of my life. I wanted to share something with you;  it’s time for us to be all in. Begin to commit to the process.

Something that hinders us from going all in is doubt. When doubt tries to overtake your mind you start to think, “what if I fail?, what if it doesn’t work out?” those questions will begin to pile up like a load of dirty laundry. But, let me challenge your thinking; would you rather give 50% and not accomplish your goal because you weren’t all in? or would you rather give your all and see what opportunities may open up for you on the other side? I’m not saying that because it’s the right thing to say, but in my life more often than not when I’m “all in” I’ve noticed so many different things open up for me along the way. The same can happen for you.

I believe that we all have tremendous potential. I believe there is great things ahead of us. I believe if we start to have an “all in” mentality, commit to it and give it your all, you’ll begin to reap what you sow. There may still be rough times, but what’s on the other side may be life changing for you.

My challenge for you going forward: go “all in”.

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Let’s make it a winning week. Make a difference, and be a difference. Blessings

Written by David Simpson



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