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The Power Of Words

“You, or the people around you have the ability speak life into what you speak into the atmosphere.”

The Power of Words

In my time away from blogging and my traditional #ThoughtsOfTheDay postings, I have spent a lot of time reflecting and looking at life’s goals, tests, and trials from a much broader spectrum. First off, let me say that I’m refreshed, and in some cases I’ve grown as well. This post has been on my mind for a few weeks now, and I needed to find the way to articulate my thoughts.

Do you feel that words are powerful? Do you feel the things that people say about you lingers in your thoughts? Do you ever notice that even some of the things you speak out tend to linger in your atmosphere? One of my favorite sayings is, “You, or the people around you have the ability speak life into what you speak into the atmosphere.” What that quote means is that you and the people around you have the ability to speak thoughts into existence. I want you to know that this could be both positive and negative. Words are powerful, and I caution everyone to be more discerning in how you use words with other people.

In a recent interview with Luke Burrows (Click on this link to watch the interview), we spoke about Naysayers and the power of their words and thoughts. I want to reiterate this to you: Not everyone needs to know your dream right away. Sometimes we’re excited to share our dreams with anyone, while not everyone needs to hear about it just yet. The words of a person that doesn’t need to hear about your dreams yet can be piercing to your plans and/or aspirations, possibly instantly discouraging you. This is a sad reality that we don’t seem to talk about much today. Everyone is not on your level for your specific dream. Yes, you haven’t reached your potential yet, but the fact that you have a dream, and that you are taking steps to fulfill those dreams separates you from others.

I want to challenge you going forward, be more mindful of the words that you say towards others going forward. I know sometimes that might be the hardest thing to do with certain people, but let’s begin to turn the page. Plant seeds of positive fruit. Build someone else up. Plant a verbal seed in someone’s life that will help them grow. Let’s begin to re-channel our own negativity into something positive for someone else.

Let’s grow, Let’s continue to strive to be our best, Lets win and succeed together

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