What’s Failure?

The word “fail” or “failure” is thrown around so often that I wanted to talk about it in a little more detail.. what’s failure to you? Is it not being able to accomplish a goal? Is it not achieving something? In my life, I would agree, yes those things appear to be the definition of failure.


what do you do after you have “failed”? Do you forget about what you were trying to accomplish and start something new? You see, within the past year or so, I’ve began to observe things in my life and started putting things into perspective. What I’ve learned throughout that time is, failure will only be the case If i decide not to learn from it. What I’ve learned is the outcome of failure isn’t a bad thing. The decision you make after you “failed” could be a bad thing. Quitting because you think you failed won’t allow you to grow. What if that thing that you perceived as failure was actually an obstacle that you needed to learn to take you to the next level?


There are a lot of questions when it comes to the topic of failure, but I want to challenge you going forward. THe purpose of the growth network is to help people grow. I want to help you achieve this goal. I’ll continue to challenge you to be better so, my challenge in this post is to change your perception of failure. INstead of calling it “failing”, lets begin to look at it as a learning opportunity. No, that’s not being naive to what happened but it’s actually giving you positive affirmation to keep trying, to never give up, never give in to your negative perception. I’ve said it before, sometimes our biggest negativity comes from our own mind.


Going forward, you don’t fail, you learn lessons. I believe in your dreams, I believe in the things you believe you can accomplish. Let’s get after it!


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