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I believe there's always room to grow and an opportunity to make changes as needed.

Happy 2018! I hope everyone is off to a great start. I just wanted to send some words of encouragement to you for 2018. I believe there’s always room to grow and an opportunity to make changes as needed. Even though I’m not a New Year resolution person, I do understand the psychological meaning of starting the new year…. differently.

So yes, its a new year, you have 12 months (well less than 12 months now) to make a difference in your life. I titled this post clean house because it’s always good to start a new chapter in your life, getting rid of those toxic things…and people that may be holding you back from progressing. Sometimes we forget that the circle we surround ourselves with can have a major impact on our lives.  Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of who you let into your inner circle. The hardest part in growth sometimes is realizing what you need get rid of.

For 2018, my words of encouragement is to clean house. Get rid of the things in your life that aren’t producing fruit. Growth is a never ending cycle and I want what’s best for your life. Life may not be easy, nor perfect but, God has blessed you with another year. It’s time to maximize the opportunity. I believe in you, your plans, your dreams and what’s to come this year.

Feed your faith, not your fears……and DREAM.

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