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Human nature allows us to think to our capacity, faith empowers us to think beyond our natural capacity.

The first topic in the #dream series is building/laying the foundation for your dream. It’s only fitting that this would be the first official topic of the dream series, since the foundation has so much significance in building.

The official definition of Foundation is: A basis upon which something stands or is supported. (Merriam Webster Dictionary) I love that definition. Having a solid foundation can mean a lot of things in different ways to different people.

Let’s build on this foundation……

You’ve been having dreams about something that you want to bring to reality, so what do you do next? Do you just sit there and hope for it to happen? (Just a little plug next topic will be on this: Observers/Doers) I know sometimes you may have dreams that seem impossible to the human eye, but that’s human nature. Human nature allows us to think to our capacity, faith empowers us to think beyond our natural capacity. Thankfully, God has tools for us to strengthen our faith throughout this book of life.

Sometimes we just have to take baby steps with applying our dream to reality. Not all of of our dreams are designed to happen  overnight, it’s definitely a process, but we must keep the faith and believe in our dream.

Referring back to the book definition of foundation, it mentions the word Support. I recommend checking out this post Inner Circle . Your inner circle may be the biggest support in your foundation. Your foundation may be a lot of little components that will play an integral part in the bigger picture. Like I said earlier… Baby steps. It may seem small and not important throughout the process, but when you flashback later in your journey, you’ll see how important those baby steps were.

I genuinely want to see you succeed in whatever is important in your heart. The only request I have is that you don’t just sit on the sidelines and hope. Act on those dreams. Have faith, and build that foundation so you’ll have the support you need later in your journey.

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Blessings. #Dream Series


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